Merrimack MicroTM


Assembly Process

                                         Stud Bumping
    Merrimack Micro can stud bump up to 12" diameter wafers at up to 15 stud-bumps per second.

Accuracy:               ±5.0µm
Ball Height:            ±2.5µm (Coining optional)
Ball Diameter:         ±2.0µm
Minimum Pitch:       ±83µm

                                         Wire Bonding
- Automatic gold ball bonding from .0007" to .002" with Bond Process Control

Bond Area:            300mm X 200mm
Accuracy:              ±5.0µm
Minimum Pitch:      83µm
Loop Height:          150µm (Minimum Consistent)
Substrate Size:      300mm X 216mm (Maximum)

    Wedge - Automatic aluminum/gold wire bonding from .001" to .003".   45º/90º Feed with Bond Process Control
                 - Heavy Wire aluminum from .004" to .024"

Bond Area:             300mm X 200mm
Accuracy:               ±5.0µm
Minimum Pitch:       80µm
Loop Height:           75µm (Minimum Consistent)
Substrate Size:       300mm X 216mm (Maximum)

                                            Die Attach
    Merrimack Micro provides automatic epoxy dispense or transfer stamp and component placement from wafer or waffle pack.

Bond Area:            300mm X 152mm
Accuracy:              ±50µm
Substrate Size:      400mm X 152mm (Maximum)