Merrimack MicroTM


Plasma Cleaner
Panasonic PSX303

Nickel compounds, which is a product from a typical die-bonding heat treatment cure on an extra thin gold-plated electrode, have a negative effect on wire-bonding
performance—making them unsuitable for this use. The argon plasma
process in Panasonic’s PSX303 eliminates the formation of nickel
compounds, making it highly effective for stable wire bonding on extra
thin and inexpensive gold-plated electrodes.

For more info, click here for the Plasma Cleaner pdf

Automatic Ball Bonder
Panasonic HW27U-HF

A COB wire bonder for flexible performance and for wider-area bonding. The Panasonic HW27U-HF is capable of high bonding speeds of 0.15s/wire with a bonding accuracy of ±5µm.

For more info, click here for the Automatic Ball Bonder pdf

Automatic Die Attacher
Panasonic DM60

The Panasonic DM60 is a highly efficient multi bonder that supports various types of substrates. It's high speed bonding is due to its division of bonding processes

For more info, click here for the Automatic Die Attacher pdf

Automatic Epoxy Die Bonder
F&K Delvotec 4200

The 4200 model is a full-automatic multi-chip and multi-placement die bonder for hybrid COB and COW applications. It has a capacity of a multiplacement over a 6" x 6" bond area in a print time of 1 second with high accuracy.

For more info, click here for the Automatic Epoxy Die Bonder pdf

Automatic Wedge Bonder
F&K Delvotec 6320

Among the family of 6300 rotary head bonders, the model 6320 is a fully automatic, high speed, wedge-wedge bonder for 25 to 50 µm wires that can be used for aluminum and gold wire applications. Its rotary head has online control of bond quality and repeatabilty with the patented bond process control unit.

For more info, click here for the 6300 series wire bonders pdf